Virtual tour

How to use

To view the 360 degree images, place your cursor in the centre of the image, press and hold your left mouse button then drag the cursor in the direction you would like to view

Zoom in and out of the image using the + and – icons in the bottom left corner of the image (see note 1 on image below)

Spin the image automatically by right-clicking the image and selecting ‘spin’ (see note 2 on image below)

Reset the initial view-point by right-clicking the image and selecting ‘reset initial viewpoint’ (see note 2 on image below)

View the other images by clicking the links above the image (see note 3 on image below)

Instructions for using the virtual tour images


Images not displaying properly?

1 - Firstly, give the images a few moments to load. The images are quite large so the time they take to download and display is dependent on the speed of your internet connection

2 - Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. PC users go to ‘Control Panel’ and select Java. In the Java control panel select ‘update’

3 - Refresh the page. PC users press CTRL+F5 or SHIFT+F5 (depending on which browser your using)

4 – Update your browser. PC users; the virtual tour images work on all the major browsers including Chrome and Internet Explorer. Update your browser to the latest version or try using a different browser.

5 – iPad and iPhone users – Apple does not support Java and the images will therefore not display.